15 minutes of fame. Andy Warhol

Fame, notoriety and power are the main goals that everyone craves to achive. And yet fame became something more and more ephemeral, fleeting.

We link the concept of fame to the television and cinematographic industry, and everything is justified as long as there is celebrity. The overwhelming diffusion of social networks and the planetary success of reality shows are part of the phenomenon. Everyone can chase after the fame, even for an instant of success, and then doomed to be left behind. In other words, quoting the more important exponent of Pop Art, Andy Warhol, ”In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes”. Reality Shows and Youtube protagonists are some of the examples called ”meteors”, who will soon vanish.

If once the concept of fame was linked to those who, thanks to great inventions or discoveries, made a difference for the humankind, today we are giving a different meaning to this concept. Even serial killers, ex lovers of celebrities attract tabloids and paparazzi, and yet no one of them have a real talent, nevertheless we are surrounded by their interviews and articles about their life. Fame? It is not always a positive thing, but it seems that it does not matter, what is important is making the news.

It is well known that narcissism is one of the most marked characteristics of our society, but it seems that step by step it went beyond any limit. Despite millions of ”meteors”,  the real prestige belongs only to those who somehow changed the world, to the immortals who have marked the cultural evolution of thought or have tried to protest against the social injustices we are surrounded by.